REGACE research partner, Andrea Volterrani and Marco Serra from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, presented a paper detailing the ongoing research activities within the REGACE Project.

The EU-funded REGACE project was presented during an open visit day for the public in the premises of the Pilot Greenhouse Park of the University of Thessaly, Greece.

Partners met to discuss current achievements and decide on the course for advancing towards achieving the goal of developing innovative Agrivoltaics technology to sustainably increase greenhouse yields and improve electricity production.

The University of Thessaly in Greece and the Laboratory of Agricultural Constructions and Environmental Control is organizing an open day at the facilities of the Pilot Greenhouse Park of the Lab at the University farm in Velestino.

On April 25 in Brussels, the REGACE project presented its innovative agrivoltaic system at the CINEA Clustering Event: Solar PV Energy EU Projects.

The responsive tracking system of the REGACE Project has been installed in greenhouses of Bio-Gärtnerei Watzkendorf and the BOKU University.

A recent paper, written by the EU-funded REGACE Project reveals that greenhouse energy production could cover approximately 32 percent of the European Union's solar energy targets.

In its article for Agrotica 2024, Piraeus Bank outlines the development challenges of the installation of Agro-Photovoltaic systems (APVs) of the EU-funded REGACE project.

The EU-funded Project was presented to a group of twelve Italian farmers during the first world café event taking place on February 7th, at Fattoria Solidale del Circeo.