The EU funded REGACE Project was tremendously excited at the attendance and quality of presentations at the second annual Agrivoltaics Europe 2023 conference in Amsterdam.

In the guidelines, SolarPower Europe showcases the “radical innovative technology” REGACE and sees it as a project that will demonstrate “Agri-PV’s potential to become a major contributor to the EU clean energy portfolio.”

Participants from Germany, Greece Austria and Israel took part at the three-day workshop introducing the project, its disruptive technology and ecological and economic importance.

REGACE partners, Alzahrawy and TriSolar, visited the University of Thessaly's greenhouses to prepare the installment of responsive tracking systems.

The REGACE Consortium, which is composed of 12 partners from five countries, will develop and demonstrate an innovative Agrivoltaics technology by using CO2 enrichment to increase electricity yields.