The TriSolar technology, used in REGACE’s Agrivoltaics (combination of agriculture and photovoltaic technology) system, is based on mounting a responsive tracking system in greenhouses under the greenhouse canopy, driven by a PLC controller that changes the angle of the tracking system according to the plants’ needs.

The lightweight, plug and play responsive PV tracking system, placed inside the greenhouse, combines power generation with optimum crop yield by providing plants with the optimum light and temperature.

The technology is highly competitive compared to other solutions, as it fully addresses the desired destination impact of clear affordable energy with a projected installed 20-30% lower than ground based PV fields.

REGACE uses carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment, to increase electricity production in low light conditions.

By increasing the concentration of CO2 in the air, the efficiency of photosynthesis in certain plants, can be improved and thus increase crop yields. When CO2 levels are higher, plants can take in more of the gas, which can lead to increased growth.

Using CO2 enrichment will boost plant growth under lower light levels. This will allow the responsive tracking system to operate with panels at a more acute angle to the sun, thus increasing the amount of electricity generated.

By offsetting higher shading levels of PV with CO2 enrichment, the REGACE solution will increase both crop and electric yields of the agrivoltaic system.