REGACE to be presented at an open day in Pilot Greenhouse Park in Greece

The University of Thessaly in Greece and the Laboratory of Agricultural Constructions and Environmental Control is organizing an open day at the facilities of the Pilot Greenhouse Park of the Lab at the University farm in Velestino and invites all those interested to visit the Greenhouse Park on Monday, May 20, 2024, from 10:00 to 15:00.

The aim of the event is to present the technologies and practices being tested by the team of the Laboratory of Agricultural Constructions within the framework of its participation in various research projects such as REGACE (Horizon Europe), ECONUTRI (Horizon Europe), PestNu (Horizon 2020), and others, which are being implemented at the Pilot Greenhouse Park.

Additionally, the aim of the event is networking among participants and stakeholders, both for the utilization of research results and for discussing the needs for further research.

At the Pilot Greenhouse Park developed and operated by the Laboratory of Agricultural Constructions, one of the largest in the Mediterranean, with a high level of installed technology and expertise in hydroponic cultivation, a variety of experimental approaches based on the circular economy concept and on renewable energy sources is being developed.

The team of the Lab designs, develops, and evaluates greenhouse technologies and management practices, utilizing funding from European and National sources, taking a holistic approach to the idea of renewable energy and circular economy.

The projects aim at achieving rational management of inputs, reducing and reusing outputs, increasing resource efficiency and productivity of greenhouse systems, and reducing their environmental footprint.